Credit Where Credit is Due…

I’m thankful for an internal change of perspective. Last year was a very difficult year for me on many levels. This year (so far) has been an amazing year! So what’s the change of perspective? Now that things are going well, I know now more than ever that I need God. That’s right: good times=acknowledgement of need.
If you’re good with that, than great! You’re ahead of where I was. If that’s a bit confusing, lemme ‘splain…
The idea here is I believe in a god that loves me and wants me to thrive. Sure, struggles come and things aren’t always easy, but EVERY STINKING TIME I’ve had the choice to learn from those struggles and grow – or not. But primarily I have, which has enabled me to 1) have a positive change in myself and 2) see first hand that not everything that seems bad IS.
Again – last year was rough. There were multiple opportunities for me to grow, to understand what my capabilities and limitations were in order to see where I could improve myself. Unfortunately, I missed that and barreled on with my head down, treading mud (so to speak). God didn’t drop the ball with me – I chose to try and stand on my own.
Now, a couple of months have passed, and my whole world has flipped – in a great way! Personally, I haven’t done anything different to bring these changes around, but I have seen the hand of God in my life as he’s showing me what things can be like.
It’s an awakening for me. I wouldn’t even dream of saying “things are good now so I don’t need help.” On the contrary – things are good now, and I can easily say there’s only reason why – because God is by my side. He’s never left me, but sometimes it helps to stop trying to run away as well.

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