I absolutely love to entertain you, and I’m happy to do it!

I’ve been asked how you can still support me as I’m not out playing gigs right now, which is great because there are expenses to being an entertainer (instruments, guitar strings, batteries, equipment, electricity bills, streaming software, etc…) as well as a lot of time spent making sure the songs are ready for you and the best show I can put on, so I appreciate you being willing to help!

Your contributions towards keeping the magic going are really appreciated, and so I’ve set up an easy way for you to help me take care of things!

Whatever you can contribute will help, and if you want to specify if it’s for Ryan M Barnes (solo act), The Shenanigans (duo act), Winnebago Wednesday (TV show) or Captain Silvertooth’s Buccaneer Bash (kids show), it’s go toward the appropriate avenue.

If you’re throwing a tip out there for a song, let me know what song it’s for so I’ll know what made you happy!

Thank you so much for your love and support!

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